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Many parents of the students are now also requesting an extra activities and excursion programme for their children under age of 18.

We realise that this involves much more time and effort from our teachers than taking adult students who do not need to be accompanied all the time and often prefer to go out by themselves and obviously the parents of the children taking our Home Tuition courses need to be reassured that their children are looked after, and are secure, during their entire stay.

The supplement covers the teacher’s time, the travel costs of going to these local excursions plus the cost of local activities such as visiting historical places and beautiful natures, swimming, shopping etc.

This charge does not cover the cost of expensive major admission fees or long distance trips (for example a day in London with a visit to Harry Potter Studio or Premier Football games) or activities such as horse riding or professional tennis lessons.  If the children require any special activities such as these, we can cost out this programme and issue an invoice in advance.

We do not like to be too rigid with regard to the teachers providing a fixed schedule or itinerary for the activities and excursions. Please remember that a lot depends on what is available at the time, the weather, what the student wants to do when they are there etc.