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Cambridge CELTA in June 2024

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Home Language Tuition Teachers

Teach and Host students

We are looking for qualified language teachers to host our students as well as carry out language lessons with them each day in your native tongue.

We currently have Home Language tuition teachers all over the world including France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Greece and Spain to name but a few.

Teachers Responsibilities and Terms of Agreement

  1. Lessons should be set at a time to suit the student, preferably in the morning. Some flexibility in the time of the lessons is permitted, if it has the approval of the student.
  2. The Regional Supervisor will advise the family of the expected time of arrival of the student. If the student requires airport transfers, your Regional Supervisor will supply you with the full flight details. You can do these yourselves, for which you will be paid the going taxi rate, or your Supervisor will arrange for a local taxi company to collect the student.
  3. With most families, and students, now having access to e-mail, we do encourage the students to contact the families prior to arrival to introduce themselves.
  4. The student’s bedroom should be of a good size, light, bright and well furnished. There should be a bedside table and lamp and preferably a study desk or table and chair. The room should be adequately heated or air-conditioned as appropriate.
  5. Within 48 hours of arrival, the family should show the student around the local area and point out all the available amenities, shops, public transport facilities, banks, etc.
  6. The student must be made to feel genuinely welcome and comfortable in the house. They must not be left on their own for long periods. This applies to all ages, unless of course they ask for it. They must be able to share the common living areas. At least once during the week, the student should be taken on a lengthy excursion in the local area. The family is not required to pay any admission charges for the student but equally the student must not be made to pay for the family.
  7. The family will provide three meals a day which should be varied and of good quality. These meals must be taken together with the student and the family and/or teacher.
  8. Concorde International Home Language Tuition accepts no responsibility for any damage caused by the students. Families must ensure that they have adequate insurance cover.
  9. All payments to teachers are subject to Income Tax. As a teacher, you are self employed and responsible for your own Income Tax and National Insurance payments.
  10. Students should have taken out their own medical insurance, but it is your responsibility to get them to a doctor or hospital, if required. We will reimburse any expense incurred.
  11. The student must sign the Hours Sheet at the end of each day and each week and the Student Course Report at the end of the course. They are signing to say that they have received the stipulated number of teaching hours and that they are satisfied with the course, the teaching and meals and accommodation.
    Concorde International Home Language Tuition
  12. If there are any problems at all, and the student does not appear to be happy or settled, or you are having some problems with the student, the Regional Supervisor must be informed immediately.